Classification and labelling of substances and mixtures according to CLP (Reg. CE 1272/2008).



  • In vitro toxicological tests for the hazard classification of substances and mixtures
  • Skin irritation OECD 439;
  • Skin corrosion OECD 431;
  • Ocular irritation OECD 492;
  • Mutagenicity OECD 471;


In partnership with a  fully compliant to GLP and ISO 17025 test facility we can perform a wide range of in vivo toxicological studies for the hazard classification of substances and mixtures:

  • Acute systemic toxicity by oral route OECD 423 /425;
  • Acute systemic toxicity by inhalation OECD 403;
  • Acute systemic toxicity by dermal route OECD 402;
  • Short term subchronic toxicity (28 days) OECD 407;
  • Long term subchronic toxicity (90 days) OECD 408;




Lab4LIFE is part of a multidisciplinary network that bring together many companies and professionals with the aim to offer a full service to the companies that have to face to complex and expansive requirements of REACH and CLP regulations.

The services offered by our network allow you to find customized solutions to be compliant to regulations and cost effective.


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Lab4LIFE is an UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. For complete schedule of accreditation please check our download page