Lab4LIFE offers a wide range  of microbiological and physic-chemical tests for cosmetics:

  • Microbiological batch control on finished, semi-finished product and raw material;
  • Detection of pathogens on finished, semi-finished product and raw material;
  • Detection of heavy metal traces (nickel test);
  • Challenge test on cosmetic products;
  • Shelf Life evaluation tests;
  • PAO determination;
  • Suitability test to extreme transport / storage conditions;
  • Product / packaging compatibility;
  • Viscosity / Density determination;
  • PH determination;
  • Peroxide number determination;
  • Allergens determination;

Thanks to many partnership, Lab4LIFE is able to offer a wide range of studies for safety and efficacy evaluation of cosmetics:

  • Patch test – skin tolerability study on 20 volunteers;
  • Skin sensitive Patch test - skin tolerability study on 20 volunteers with sensitive skin;
  • IN USE TEST to evaluate the preservative system;
  • In vitro evaluation of the UVA photo-protection factor;
  • In vivo evaluation of the sun protection factor SPF;
  • In vitro skin irritation test;
  • In vitro ocular irritation test;
  • Efficacy test to commercial claim support (for example: moisturizing / anti-wrinkles potential, skin lightening, dandruff);




Lab4LIFE has acquired a remarkable know-how to support Customers in all the requested requirements to cosmetics manufactures:

  • PIF (Product Information File) according to CE 1223/09;
  • Company registration and product notification on CPNP portal;
  • Verification of technical documentation (tech sheet; labelling);
  • Safety Data Sheet according to Reg. CE 1907/2006;
  • GMP implementation support according to ISO 22716;
  • Regulatory updating service;


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Lab4LIFE is an UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. For complete schedule of accreditation please check our download page